Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swimming in a washing machine!

Don't laugh...that is exactly how I described my open water swim experience at LITH last night.  Now, I've swam there plenty of times over the past 3 years.  But last night I swear, I felt like I was being tossed around as if I were in a washing machine!  Right from the start...BAM!  Then I'd turn to breathe and BOOM!  Holy cow, I was in for a wild ride, I thought :)  And to top it off, the air and water temps were so high wetsuits were not allowed .  This was the first time I've ever swam LITH without a wetsuit.  I knew I could do it, but I usually wear it just incase I have goggle issues and need to stop to adjust (which for me, happens frequently).  Sort of my "security blanket"...after all, I've only been swimming for 3 years and yes, I still consider myself a beginner.  My wetsuit is sleeveless, so even if it's warmer, I don't usually overheat, so had they been allowed, I would've worn it.

I guess I should've started by saying I also had to run the 3 mile course last night.  Messing up on my time, I got to LITH much earlier than I needed to and when I saw another JHC athlete heading out for his run before the swim, I figured I'd take advantage of the time that way (instead of sitting in my air conditioned car trying to nap, as I was doing).  The run, well again, I've run that 3 miles before.  I had to stop a few times and walk, just to catch my breath.  My HR was so high - partly because of the heat, partly because of the hills and partly because I was wearing a visor that was stretched out, so it kept blowing off my head, so I finally just hung it around my neck and ran.  But that meant no eye protection from the sun.  And it showed in my run.  Bleck!!  How on earth am I going to get through Muncie in 2 weeks??  I've heard there is no shade on that run :(  But I got through it...not every run is going to be a good one, I told myself.

So anyways, back to the swim.  After my run I literally laid my towel out & rested.  My HR was still high and I felt a bit dizzy.  All I could think of was...I needed to relax, get my HR back down and clear my head. 

I had to swim 3 loops, without my security blanket...LOL  I do spend a lot of time thinking while swimming. After all, what else is there to do?  First lap was to be easy. a washing machine?  I knew from the start, don't be concerned about my time.  Midway through the 1st loop I realized they changed the bouy layout...I kept looking and looking for that 1st bouy off the turn and it wasn't there!  And as usual, I got off course after the last turn.  Happens every time, no matter how many times I sight.

So loop #2...supposed to be moderate to fast.  Ha!  In a washing machine I thought, sure!  Well I tried.  It felt like I was putting out the effort.  I took in a lot of water on the 2nd loop.  Kept thinking that couldn't be good...but keep going!!  I think I zoned out for a minute because I found myself almost adjusting my goggles underwater...oops, that wouldn't have been smart.  So finished the 2nd loop and this is when I looked at my watch.  Du-oh...bad idea.  I just couldn't help myself. Sort of like when there is chocolate around...

So loop #3 was to be easy and I told myself, easy is easy.  So I took it easy.  Very easy.  To the point my overall swim time for 3 loops was pathetic.  But wait...I swam in a washing machine!!  How many of you can say that?  LOL  So now I wonder what will IM Wisconsin's swim be like?  Will it be that choppy...all those athletes at once?  It's choppy at times on it's own (my 1st open water swimming experience was in Lake Monona...very choppy that day).  Will the bouys be closer together so they are easier to find?  Do I just go with the pack?  What if the pack is swimming off course?  Yikes...maybe I'll just NOT think about it.  At all.  Until race day.  Then just go with the flow...and hope the flow stays on course!

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